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Goodnight's Rope Reins

Features: 9 or 10 foot marine rope reins spliced to quick connectors for easy attachment to the bit; center mark on the reins helps you ride right. Same high-quality 5/8ths inch rope as Goodnight’s leads is long-lasting and has a heavy weight and soft feel to help you give subtle communications to your horse. This rope rein is one continuous rein.  (If you are interested in split reins, see Goodnight's Leather Reins #4726.)  Available in two  colors: Turquoise reins with black center mark; Pacific Blue reins with black marker

NOTE: Most horses need the 9' reins. If your horse has an exceptionally long neck or is very tall with a long neck, you may prefer the 10' reins. Julie rides most often in the 9' reins and recommends them 95% of the time.


  • This is another of my Julie Goodnight favorites. I love the rope reins but often they have metal clips, they're too short, or you have to get a mecate type rein. Julie's reins are easy to take on and off. They're heavy and allow for good communication to your horses mouth. I have several different bits (3 of which are Myler). They are on different headstalls so these reins make it easy to switch from one bit to another without the hassle of struggling with a bunch of rope, or screws, or leather ties. I also like how the center of the rein is marked. Great stuff!
  • I have several of Julie's products but I'd have to vote for the rope reins as my favorite, mainly because they are unique on the market. I was looking for a heavy, long rein that attached directly to the bit without hardware and was not split. I believe this is the only one out there! They are really comfortable in your hand as well and the mark "at the buckle" is very handy. I find the length perfect. The product is well made and I'd recommend it highly to anybody.
  • 1. the feel
    2. they are super easy to put on and off the bridle but stay on great.
    3. I like the marker showing the middle point of the reins
  •  These reins have drape and weight enough to be a great conductor of your message to the horse. I use them with Bitless Bridles, and the cowboy knots which fasten the reins to the bridle are amazingly simple and convenient--even after a cold ride with stiff fingers! The surface facilitates shortening and lengthening, yet is never slippery when you need some grip, and has a satisfying heft in the hand.
  •  LOVE these reins! Nice weight & feel and the perfect length for all sizes of horses. Plus, the loop attachment makes them far easier to switch bits than standard slobber straps. Good job, Julie!
  • I purchased y reins at a show and just love them they are very soft on my hands, don't give vibration to my horses mouth and take a light touch to get her to respond.  One of the best purchases ever!
  • Rein Length: 9 Foot
  • Manufacturer: Julie Goodnight, Goodnight Training Stables, Inc.

Stars, Stripes and Savings - Rope Reins

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