Rope Color Collection
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Get your horse outfitted with a matching halter, lead and reins with one click! Choose a matching color combo or your own colorful combination!

#1. Turquoise Collection:  Turquoise reins, turquoise  lead, turquoise halter w. black noseband

#2. Raspberry Collection: Raspberry Reins, Raspberry lead, black halter w. raspberry noseband

#3. Tan Collection: tan reins, tan lead, black halter w. tan noseband

#4. Black Collection: Black reins, black lead, black halter w. Pacific Blue noseband

#5. Blue Collection: Pacific Blue reins, blue lead, black halter w. Pacific Blue noseband

#8. Chocolate Brown Collection: Brown reins, brown lead, brown halter with Turquoise noseband

#9. Orange Collection: Orange reins, black lead, orange halter with black noseband

Note from Julie:

In the last year, I've gone from having one personal horse, to two and now three. For me, that means, three saddles and pads, three bridles, three halters and leads, three sets of horse boots. I have a whole barn full of tack, accumulated over the last 30 years, so getting each of my horses set up in their own outfits was not a problem. What was a problem was getting it organized so that everyone knows which horse uses what. It was then that I hit on the perfect solution-- color coordination!

Dually, my number one horse, is decked out in lime green, to go with his rich black chestnut color. One glance in the tack room and I can find his bridle, halter and lead, all because of the lime green. Eddie is my youngster and he is decked out classic hunter green, to go with his sorrel coat. And Annie, my young mare, looks pretty in pink-- in keeping with her cute-as-a-button appearance.

I've never been much for color coordinating before, but with three horses now, I find it very useful when I ask someone to get me the bridle I need, which is hanging in the tack room with about 50 other bridles. Now, rather than explaining what the headstall looks like or what kind of bit I need, I just say, "Bring me the bridle with the pink reins."

The Premium Halter:

The 3/8” width rope has the ideal stiffness and durability. An excellent training tool and mild enough --without shockingly large knots which can be too much pressure-- on the horse’s face to use as an everyday halter. Premium halter has wrapped noseband in vibrant colors, either a flat (designed for ground work) or a round (designed for ground work or riding). Regular horse size fits Arab to Warmblood. Custom manufactured in the USA. Download a PDF describing how to tie your new halter>>


Lead options:

15' or 12' training leads perfect for teaching your horse ground manners. The quality rope holds its shape and feels good in your hand. Choose a color to match your Wrapped Noseband halter as well as match your reins and short lead with snap. Highest quality, 5/8”marinestyle rope with an oval shape that conforms to the hand. Available in two lengths; 12’ lead for horses under 16 hands, or 15’ lead for horses over 16 hands. Made with a sewn and spliced loop end to attach to halter with no metal buckle to hurt the horse’s jaw; leather lash on tail.   


Choose from 9 or 10 foot rope reins made from matching colors! You'll love these rope reins for their smooth feel and easy ability to lengthen and shorten. Rope connections to the bit. Middle marker so it's easy to keep your reins even!

  • Manufacturer: Julie Goodnight, Goodnight Training Stables, Inc.

Rope Color Collection

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