Premium Halter with Wrapped Noseband
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This is your chance to add color and flare to your training time-- and set a color scheme for you and your horse! The 3/8” width rope has the ideal stiffness and durability. An excellent training tool and mild enough --without shockingly large knots which can be too much pressure-- on the horse’s face to use as an everyday halter. Premium halter has wrapped noseband in vibrant colors, either a flat (designed for ground work) or a round (designed for ground work or riding) with matching leads, sold separately--click this link to see the leads. Regular horse size fits Arab to Warmblood. To help in your color selection the halter color is listed first and the noseband color is listed as the second color.  Custom manufactured in the USA. Download a PDF describing how to tie your new halter>>

What color will look best?

Bays, blacks, whites, grays and blue roans often look good in bright jewel tones such as blue, purple and red.

Sorrels, chestnuts, red roans and duns often look good in earthy colors like tan.


  • This halter really offers a nice feel between you and your horse. I love the softness it produces between us. Your first name: Maryanne
  • My horse is much more responsive to this halter. She doesn't lean on it and I can get her attention much more quickly. They are very well made, not at all flimsy. I can't have too many of these halters! Your first name: Steph
  • I tried this halter because I was having a difficult time with groundwork. My horse did not seem to understand what I was asking, turning to me, tossing her head, we seemed to be in a constant tug-of -war! Within minutes of putting on this adjustable halter she seemed more relaxed and so much less resistive! Our sessions are alot of fun now!
    Your first name: Linda
  • This halter is an excellent training tool. It fits almost any size horse, and the noseband & side knots are an effective cue for longe line training. I got the black w/lime which looks so nice on my horse that several friends ordered Goodnight halters too!
    Your first name: Lin
  • As your site stated it put specifid pressure points where they were needed when doing ground work. It also was a beautiful color
    Your first name: Bobbie
  • Manufacturer: Julie Goodnight, Goodnight Training Stables, Inc.

Premium Halter with Wrapped Noseband

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