Packaged Lead w/Premium Halter with Wrapped Noseband
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Get your halter and lead with one click! Choose a matching color combo or your own colorful combination!

The Premium Halter:

The 3/8” width rope has the ideal stiffness and durability. An excellent training tool and mild enough --without shockingly large knots which can be too much pressure-- on the horse’s face to use as an everyday halter. Premium halter has wrapped noseband in vibrant colors, either a flat (designed for ground work) or a round (designed for ground work or riding). Regular horse size fits Arab to Warmblood. To help in your color selection, the halter color is listed first and the noseband color is listed as the second color.  Custom manufactured in the USA. Download a PDF describing how to tie your new halter>>


Lead options:

15' or 12' training leads perfect for teaching your horse ground manners. The quality rope holds its shape and feels good in your hand. Choose a color to match your Wrapped Noseband halter as well as match your reins and short lead with snap. Highest quality, 5/8”marinestyle rope with an oval shape that conforms to the hand. Available in two lengths; 12’ lead for horses under 16 hands, or 15’ lead for horses over 16 hands. Made with a sewn and spliced loop end to attach to halter with no metal buckle to hurt the horse’s jaw; leather lash on tail. The Orange Premium Halter with Black Noseband comes with a Black Lead Rope.  

  • Manufacturer: Julie Goodnight, Goodnight Training Stables, Inc.

Packaged Lead w/Premium Halter with Wrapped Noseband

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