Maroon Rope Standard Halter Sale
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Maroon Rope Standard Halter Sale

Traditional Rope Halter 
  • Top Quality Marine Rope
  • Draft and Pony/Yearling sizes
  • Regular horse size-fits most horses-Arabian to Thoroughbreds-adjustable crown piece
  • Available in yearling/pony or draft sizes
  • Knots tied in strategic places (pressure points) to help your horse understand specific cues
  • 5 colors -vibrant or traditional colors to accentuate your horse’s color
  • Useful for groundwork training
  • No additional knots on the noseband to confuse or build resistance in your horse
  • Comes with tying instructions
  • Manufactured in the USA



  • I like the standard rope halter because with it's strength and light weight I can use it under a bridle on the trail and have it ready to tie up (my horse) for lunch and other breaks. Your first name: Lois
  • Manufacturer: Julie Goodnight, Goodnight Training Stables, Inc.

Maroon Rope Standard Halter Sale

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