MB-36 Eggbutt with Hooks, Myler Bit
36 Eggbutt with hooks













This mouthpiece has good tongue relief (in the form of a low port) but the port is tilted forward so that the horse must break at the poll slightly to find the tongue relief. I like to use this bit for fairly well-trained horses that are not “rounding up” like they should (breaking at the poll or coming into a more collected frame), either because the horse is reluctant or the rider is not insistent.

89-30365 Stainless Steel Eggbutt with hooks, stainless steel forward tilt ported barrel (MB 36, Level 2-3) Copper Inlay


 Myler snaffle bits come in a variety of side-piece styles (eggbutt, dee ring, O ring) and a variety of mouthpieces—the selection of which depends on the needs of the horse. According to the Mylers, “The side piece is for the rider; the mouthpiece is for the horse.” A snaffle bit means that it is a direct-pressure bit and that the reins are attached directly opposite of the mouthpiece. There is no leverage, so a pound of pull gives a pound of pressure. In general, snaffle bits are used on green horses or in riding disciplines that use more direct contact, such as the English disciplines. What side piece you use may depend somewhat on the discipline you ride, often more for popularity or aesthetic reasons than functionality. I prefer the Myler snaffles that have “hooks,” which allow the headstall and reins to attach to the side-piece in fixed locations, thus not sliding around when you apply contact. If you attach a string or curb chain under the chin, the hooks give a very stabilizing affect in the horse’s mouth so that the contact is always the same to the horse. It also gives you the slightest amount of leverage, which allows you to use softer contact. The only downside of the hooks is that if you are showing, some rulebooks might not allow them—in that case, I would have two Myler snaffles—one with hooks to train in at home, and one without the hooks for competition. All of the bits listed below have mouthpieces with an ergonomic curvature and are made of stainless steel with copper inlays, which causes a chemical reaction in the horse’s mouth which encourages salivation.



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  • Manufacturer: Myler

MB-36 Eggbutt with Hooks, Myler Bit

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