MB-33HBT, Myler Bit
33 HBT


33 HBT 

To me, this is the ideal mouthpiece for the horse’s comfort. It has a medium, wide port and an ergonomic shape that gives the horse maximum tongue relief without getting into the palate. I like to use this bit on horses that are well-trained and compliant to the rider’s aids but need more comfort from the bit (the horse that is otherwise very good but shows signs of bit discomfort, like opening the mouth, drooling, wrinkling the lips, tensing the neck, etc.). The HBT shank offers mild leverage; combined with a leather curb strap, this bit is extremely comfortable to the horse.

89-20334 Stainless Steel 5" HBT Shank with Sweet Iron Ported Barrel mouthpiece with copper inlay; (MB 33, Level 3). Mouthpiece is polished sweet iron which naturally oxidizes or rusts. Harmless to horses, it has a sweet taste and promotes salivation.


Myler Curb Bits

Curb bits are leverage bits (as opposed to direct pressure bits, like snaffles) and the reins are attached below the mouthpiece (at the bottom of the shank). It is the ratio between the purchase (the part of the bit that is above the mouthpiece and attached to the headstall) and the shank (the part below the mouthpiece) that tells you how much leverage the bit has; a bit with a tall purchase has less leverage.


The HBT shank is the shorter shank and offers only slightly more pressure than a snaffle with hooks. The Flat shank is longer and for advanced riders and advanced horses only. All of these bits have shanks that articulate independently and allow you to ride two-handed when needed and lift the shoulders, bringing the horse more onto his haunches and for better bending and lateral flexion.


Curb bits must have a curb-strap or curb-chain to function properly. Use a leather strap (milder) unless your horse is difficult to stop, in which case you probably want a curb chain. All of the Myler bits listed below have mouthpieces with an ergonomic curvature and are made of polished sweet iron with copper inlays, which causes a chemical reaction in the horse’s mouth that encourages salivation (much like peeling an orange might cause a little spray of saliva in your mouth). Sweet iron will darken and rust with use, which is not harmful to the horse.

Find out more about Myler bits and see the free video and link to the "bitting assistant" here:

http://shopping.juliegoodnight.com/aboutus.sc or


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  • Manufacturer: Myler

MB-33HBT, Myler Bit

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