MB-04 Com, Myler Bit
Three-ring 04; leather      


Three-ring Combination, 04 mouthpiece, leather noseband, 

The 04 mouthpiece has a very small port, offering a minor amount of tongue relief to the horse. It is a snaffle-like mouthpiece, but with some tongue-relief. This mouthpiece is my first choice for colt-starting or for a snaffle bit, but the 3-ring still allows you to ride more off nose pressure. This bit is great for a horse that is sensitive in the mouth, has a lot of anxiety and/or is not always easy to control. This bit will cause you to feel more control, while reducing the anxiety in the horse. It is also useful for trained horses that are nervous, sensitive, spooky or cannot tolerate the rider’s hands.

89-31044, 31045, 31047 Stainless Steel Myler 3-Ring Combination Bit Sweet Iron Low Port Comfort Snaffle mouthpiece with  Copper Inlay (MB 04, Level 2), with a 6" Shank. This mouthpiece is made of polished Sweet Iron which naturally oxidizes or rusts. Harmless to horses, it has a sweet taste and promotes salivation. Now comes with black leather noseband and synthetic black curb strap. 


Myler Combination Bits

The 3-ring combination bit has a noseband and chin strap incorporated into the bit and three rings as the shank; it is designed to distribute pressure in places other than, or in addition to the mouth, including the nose, poll and chin. You use the reins attached to the middle ring in order to ride more off nose pressure or the lower ring to use mouth pressure first and have stronger ‘brakes.’


The 3-ring comes standard with a flat, black noseband but in many instances, I prefer the rawhide noseband, which allows me to have more control of the nose and use a lighter contact. The 3-ring combo is a must-have bit for anyone working with horses of varying temperaments and training levels.

If I could only have one bit to use on any type of horse, the 04 rawhide combo would be the one bit I would own. But the 3-ring combination bit is available in many mouthpieces—making it a great bit for almost any horse. With often dramatic results, I have used various combo bits for horses that are: green, spooky, runaways, barn sour, high-strung, fearful, forward, sensitive in the mouth, intolerant of a rider’s hands, high-headed, a beginner’s mount, disobedient or defiant. In a low-level mouthpiece, like the 32-3 or the 04, the 3-ring combo is ideal for colt-starting, since it works more off nose pressure, which the halter-broke horse readily understands.


Different mouthpieces in the 3-ring combo are more or less compatible with different horses, depending on the needs of the horse and rider. All of the bits have mouthpieces made of sweet iron with copper inlays, which cause an enticing chemical reaction in the horse’s mouth that encourages salivation (much like peeling an orange might cause a little spray of saliva in your mouth).

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  • Manufacturer: Myler

MB-04 Com, Myler Bit

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