Leather Curb Strap
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These Leather Curb Straps are 1/2 inch width with adjustable length.

Made by Circle Y; Colors: Walnut, Regular oil, or Black.  

From Julie:

I prefer a simple leather curb strap on a curb bit or bit hobble on a snaffle, made from quality leather and easy to attach. A curb or leverage bit always needs a curb strap or chain but most often, I prefer a flat, smooth leather strap to be gentle on the horse’s chin. When riding with a snaffle, particularly in a green horse, I prefer to have a hobble strap that connects the two rings of the bit and helps balance the bit in the horse’s mouth; in this case it does not act as a curb strap.

  • Manufacturer: Circle Y Saddles of Yoakum

Leather Curb Strap

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