Ground Manners Package
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Ground Manners Package

Traditional Rope Halter 
  • Top Quality Marine Rope
  • 3 sizes
  • Regular horse size-fits most horses-Arabian to Thoroughbreds-adjustable crown piece
  • Available in yearling/pony or draft sizes
  • Knots tied in strategic places (pressure points) to help your horse understand specific cues
  • 5 colors -vibrant or traditional colors to accentuate your horse’s color
  • Useful for groundwork training
  • No additional knots on the noseband to confuse or build resistance in your horse
  • Comes with tying instructions
  • Manufactured in the USA

Premium Marine Rope Lead

  • Heavyweight-soft marine rope
  • 12’ or 15’ length
  •  5/8th’s” diameter
  • Available in 9 beautiful colors
  • Loop end to attach to halter
  • Leather popper on lead end
  • Manufactured in the USA

Additional Info

  • Attaches to the rope halters w/o difficult knots-just run through its self
  • Comes with attachment diagrams
  • No metal buckle to hit horse’s jaw during lessons or work
  • Great feel and life in rope so you can stay soft
  • One flick of the wrist sends a clear cue to your horse down the lead to the knots/noseband on the rope halter
  • Washable
  • Colors match rope halters with or w/o accent nosebands
  • Same day shipping on most orders
  • 12’ works well for most horses
  • 15’ for larger horses is recommended
  • Great for working on leadership with your horse
  • Customizable lengths

Goodnight Training Flag

  • Yellow Flag on a Flexible pole

Training DVD

  • Lead Line Leadership: From the Ground Up, Vol 2
  • Raised with Manners

 Note From Julie: 

 Whether you have a young, green horse or an older partner, this complete ground manners package gives you all the tools you need to get the ride started off right! Build a better relationship with your horse and teach him the ground manners he needs to be a steady and loyal partner


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  • Manufacturer: Julie Goodnight, Goodnight Training Stables, Inc.

Ground Manners Package

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