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Goodnight's Principles of Riding, Vol. 1 Balance & Rhythm
No matter what your riding experience, you’ll find information to help you have better “feel” and improve your riding. 1 hr, 13 min.

Goodnight's Principles of Riding, Vol. 2 Communication & Control
Learn to use your natural aids--seat, legs and hands, to cue your horse clearly for stop, go, turn and to have better control.  73 minutes 

Goodnight's Principles of Riding, Vol. 3 Perfect Practice
In the third installment of her Goodnight's Principles of Riding series, Julie Goodnight leads riders through fun exercises taught on the ground, while mounted standing still, then gradually perfected at the walk, trot and later, the canter. No matter what your riding ability, you'll find Julie's advice practical and her lessons engaging—keeping you active as you test your coordination, gain rhythm and enjoy learning with your equine and equestrian friends. Don't miss the accompanying card set for this DVD.

Goodnight's Principles of Riding, Vol. 4 Canter with Confidence
Most every rider dreams of cantering (or loping) with ease and collection—the grace of a refined horse and rider team taking off with control and changing leads on command. Join Julie Goodnight in Volume 4 of Goodnight's Principles of Riding. Here, she'll explain the gait's footfalls and how your body impacts your horse as you cue for a canter, select a lead, and feel when to ask for a lead change. Julie also guides you through valuable troubleshooting tips and teaches you to train your horse for the best canter ever.  93 minutes

Goodnight's Principles of Riding, Vol. 5 Refinement & Collection
In Volumes 1-4 of Goodnight's Principles of Riding you developed your feel, cues, rhythm and balance—and helped to teach your horse how to respond. Now it's time to refine your position and cues and to become an elite, refined rider. Julie clearly demonstrates how to ride while conducting your horse's every step. You'll learn how to engage your horse's mind and body as you apply subtle-yet-effective leg and rein cues. Your precise riding will help you collect your horse into a perfect, athletic position.  1 hour and 25 minutes.

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