Goodnight's Closed Loop Rainbow Reins
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Goodnight's Closed Loop Rainbow Reins
  • Top quality 3/8ths” marine rope
  • 3 lengths 7', 8' ,9’
  • 3 colors with contrasting ring knots at center and separate color markers 1’ out on either side-total of 3 sets
  • Easy to lengthen/shorten reins using the colorful ring knot markers
  • Easy to see if your reins are even with contrasting center marker
  • Smaller diameter is nice for people with small hands and for children
  • Great for lesson or therapeutic riding programs
  • Colorful markers are easy for students to use in lessons
  • Great training tool-when it’s necessary to lengthen and shorten your reins quickly and smoothly

Questions? Order by phone at (719) 530-0531 Monday-Friday 9-5 MST.

  • Manufacturer: Julie Goodnight, Goodnight Training Stables, Inc.

Goodnight's Closed Loop Rainbow Reins

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