Goodnight Training Flag
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Specially designed 44” long rigid fiberglass stick with foam grip and 18” square, yellow or purple, nylon flag secured to end (flag is removable and is silk-screened with logo.  Black silk screened on yellow flag or white silk screened on purple flag). Made with high-tech materials, the stick is lightweight, rigid and strong, yet balances easily in your hand. Research shows that horses respond to yellow best. We've also added a purple option for those that want some variation! The training flag is an essential tool for round pen and lead line work and much lighter than other tools designed for the same job.



I use a training stick for desensitization & round pen work, so I didn't think I needed a flag. WRONG! These flags are just the thing for encouraging a reluctant horse to trailer load. Since they don't see it often, a few shakes of the flag at our horses' hind-ends makes them walk right in. Now, I keep one in the trailer & wouldn't travel without it!
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  • Manufacturer: Julie Goodnight, Goodnight Training Stables, Inc.
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Goodnight Training Flag

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