Ground Work Set

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Round Pen Reasoning: Volume 1 - 1 hr 52 min
Watch different horses going through five stages of round pen training then work to establish yourself as herd leader. Develop a better relationship with your horse based on respect and trust.

Lead Line Leadership: Volume 2 - 1 hr 59 min
Improve your relationship with the horse through a step-by-step process that teaches your horse good ground manners. Your horse will respect you as his leader and follow you anywhere.

Bit Basics: Volume 3 - 1 hr 59 min
For training your horse to accept the bit and respond to rein pressure by lowering his head, rounding his frame and relaxing throughout his body. Useful for starting horses, reconditioning horses or retraining "problem" horses. See Julie work with a young filly who had never had a bit in her mouth and older horse who learned to avoid the rider's hands.

Ready To Ride: Volume 4 - 2 hrs
A thorough, step-by-step process for introducing a horse to the rider, once the horse has had round pen, lead line and bitting work. This video includes first saddling, first mounting, first ride and teaching cues to the horse.

Stress-Free Trailering: Volume 5
Trailering horses is a big undertaking—lots can go wrong! Julie Goodnight guides you through every step—hitching up to loading up— in this full-length training DVD.   Goodnight gives horse owners the knowledge needed to be safe and confident on the road.  After hauling horses for many decades in all kinds of situations, she’s learned a lot. Learn from a wealth of experience and  make trailering as stress-free as possible.   Learn to select then drive a loaded horse trailer. Goodnight guides you as you drive and back a horse trailer.   Have loading or un-loading training issues with your horse? Or want to teach the right way from the start? Goodnight shows you effective training techniques; you’ll soon have your horse walking in and backing out with ease.

  • Preparation & Safety
  • Training a Horse to Load
  • Training a Horse to Back Out
  • Driving & Backing
  • Choosing a Trailer
  • BONUS Footage


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