Exercise Ball for Active Sitting w/Poster
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Keep yourself in riding shape as you work! Sitting on an exercise ball helps keep your riding muscles strong—while you catch up on your work away from the barn. Each ball comes with a poster with Julie showing you how to do exercises to improve your riding while at your desk. Choose a ball by size: 55 cm is purple (for people 5’2” and under), 65 cm is blue (for people 5’2” to 5’7’) 75 cm is gray (for people 5’7’+). For use as a desk chair we recommend the 65 cm ball.

You may choose to purchase the poster separately. The poster explains how to use the ball as a desk chair and shows Julie's exercises.

Ball Size and Height

Most people use either a 55 cm or a 65 cm exercise ball. See the chart below to figure out the right ball size for your height.

Exercise Ball Sizing Chart
User Height Ball Size
5′ 0″ to 5′ 2″ 55 cm
5′ 2″ to 5′ 7″ 65 cm
5′ 7″ to 6′ 8″ 75 cm

If you are in between sizes, choose the larger ball size. If you choose the smaller ball size, you will have to pump it up until it is extremely firm in order to make it tall enough for you. The ball is harder to inflate as you reach the maximum diameter. You can always underinflate a larger size ball, which will give your abs a better workout. You will also want to choose a larger ball size if you have long legs for your height or if you suffer from back problems.

  • Manufacturer: Julie Goodnight, Goodnight Training Stables, Inc.

Exercise Ball for Active Sitting w/Poster

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