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The Clinic Rider’s Package was created with Julie’s clinic rider’s in mind; this package contains some useful tools to help you be successful during the clinic as well as just for fun items.

Save 20% off of the normal retail price of individual items. This package is the perfect gift for the horse enthusiast that is signed up in one of Julie’s clinics. 

The Premium Halter and Lead was designed by Julie and proudly made in the USA. As you wear Julie’s Horse Master logo cap and captain t-shirt you are helping Julie spread her message of helping horses one human at a time. It’s always important for your health to stay hydrated while in the arena with your horse. The Ultimate Hoof Pick (yellow) is virtually indestructible but most importantly just like Julie’s horsemanship techniques, this hoof pick works so well it takes most of the work out of cleaning your horses hooves.  Water bottle colors will vary.

You receive: A premium halter and lead-your choice of color, a Horse Master Cap, T-shirt (unisex sizing in varying colors; currently delivering coral color), water bottle, hoof pick (yellow).

  • Manufacturer: Julie Goodnight, Goodnight Training Stables, Inc.

Clinic Rider's Package

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