Building Your Confidence With Horses MP3 DOWNLOAD
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Here's help if you need to build or rebuild confidence with horses. After purchase, you must download within 30 days. Save on shipping when you download NOW!

Important Notes:

With this option you will not receive a CD in the mail, you must have a high speed connection to download the full audio to your computer. Approx. 50 MB.

After your credit card payment has cleared (during usual 9-5 business hours, MST), you'll receive an email with the subject "Download Products Notice."

Click on the link in the email to get your "ZIP" file. You must have a program that will "unzip" the audio files. If you don't have one, you can download a free version here from Stuffit...


The link takes you to the online product download page. On this page, click Yes to download your purchase. After clicking Yes, select OK to confirm and then click Save in the File Download dialog box (instructions may differ). Note: If the download is interrupted, return to the e-mail message and click the download link to try again.

About Downloading:

Download times depend on the size of the file and the type of Internet connection used.  

  • Manufacturer: Julie Goodnight, Goodnight Training Stables, Inc.

Building Your Confidence With Horses MP3 DOWNLOAD

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